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  • Quick Heal PCTuner
    Clean the Junk off Your PC. Secure Delete. The agile software used in PCTuner ups the system performance and deletes traces of popularly used applications in the system. Enhanced features remove unwanted programs at startup boosting the overall system boot time. No more individual cleanup activities required with the Auto cleanup feature Redundant files are deleted on the basis of a true file check

  • Quick Heal Internet Security (1 year)
    Secure Browsing. Fast Detection. Cloud-Based Email Filtering. This solution eliminates the risk factors involved with online threats while you surf and makes your Internet browsing, social networking and online purchases secure thus ensuring that your online life is as vibrant as it should be. Silent Firewall and restricts phishing sites. Improved Parental Control feature authorizes user-specific restrictions.

  • Quick Heal Total Security (1 year)
    Comprehensive Antivirus Protection. Powerful Features. Steady Performer. Latest technology brings to you a safer web browsing experience, smoother integration and enhanced speed. Gives assured virus protection as certified by Check Mark and VB100% Blocks USB devices from accessing confidential data

  • Quick Heal Antivirus Pro (1 year)
    Smart. Light. Effective. The amazingly simple yet dynamic interface ensures complete protection without interrupting or slowing down your system. Real time cloud security protection restricts access to malware infected websites. Uninterrupted PC usage and viewing without prompts.

  • Quick Heal AntiVirus for Server Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 (1 year)
    Optimized Antivirus Scanning. Low on Resources. Strong on Technology. Heavy duty performer with exceptional speed. Ideal for large corporate servers with massive loads. Detects viruses before they infect the system. Blocks to-and-fro transfer of data from the server to external drives. Powerful filtering engine identifies and separates junk and unwanted emails.

  • Quick Heal Internet Security 2 user (1 year)
    5 in 1 Protection anti-Virus anti-Spyware anti-Malware anti-Rootkit and Firewall. Detects and removes viruses, worms and Trojans automatically. Protects your files, scans and cleans infection from email attachments and Internet downloads automatically.Blocks spywares before they get installed on your PC. Protects your privacy by detecting and cleaning spywares and blocking their activities of identity theft automatically. Firewall protects against known and unknown internal and external network based attacks.

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