Backup Media for software products

Price per Backup Media: USD 6.95

You can also order a CD/DVD version of some downloadable software products. You can begin to use the downloaded product right away, and the CD/DVD will be delivered to you by postal mail. This CD/DVD will be produced specifically for you.

Your CD/DVD will be produced and mailed within 24 hours after payment has been received. Postal delivery can take 10-15 business days within the EU and the US, and 15-25 business days to other countries/regions.

You can use this CD/DVD as a backup copy of your product, for example: If you were to lose the downloaded product for any reason, you could use the CD/DVD to reinstall your product at any time.

The Backup CD/DVD option is always linked to the purchase of a downloadable product; if you remove the downloadable product from your shopping cart, its CD/DVD will also be removed.

Please note:
Goods exported to countries outside the EU and the US can be subject to customs fees. The recipients of these goods are responsible for any applicable customs fees and taxes. For more information, please contact the customs authorities in your country.

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