Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is Share-it?

Share-it is an e-commerce solution for selling software and games via the internet. Founded in 1996, Share-it boasts 16 years of experience in online sales of software and shareware. Approximately 18,000 software publishers in more than 130 countries are currently using the platform for order and payment processing for their products.

What are the advantages Share-it offers to the buyer?

  • Order Process in Over 20 Languages
  • International and regional payment types: credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, wire transfer, check, direct debit, money orders, and online wire transfers via iDEAL, giropay, and IPS
  • 13 billing currencies and 47 display currencies
  • Customer service with answers to frequently asked questions on order and payment processing, the password-protected "My Account" area with details on orders placed via Share-it, and direct e-mail contact with members of the customer service team.
  • The possibility to not only take electronic delivery of the product, but to also offer a Backup Media

How can I as a buyer place an order via Share-it's systems?

Ordering software via Share-it takes no more than 4 easy steps.
  1. You select the product you want on the software publisher's website and put it in your shopping cart. When you proceed to checkout, you will be redirected to Share-it's order process pages.
  2. There you will enter your personal data in the order form and select the desired payment type and currency. If necessary, you will enter some additional details, such as your credit card information, if you're paying by credit card.
  3. In the next step, you will take a quick look at all the information you have entered to be sure it's correct, and make corrections as needed.
  4. Then you will submit the order. It will take a few seconds for our system to process your order, and then you will see the order confirmation page with the payment information and other information such as the download link. If, for instance, you paid by credit card, and Share-it is responsible for delivering the product you ordered, then you can generally count on receiving and using the product immediately.

How do buyers benefit from "Download Protection"?

Download Protection offers your customers the option of downloading a product as often as they wish after purchase. Share-it will store a copy of the downloadable product for up to 2 years after purchase. "Download Protection" is added to the downloadable product in the course of the order process. However, the customer does have the option of removing this from the shopping cart.

What are the advantages Share-it can offer me as a publisher?

  • Quick and easy registration
  • No registration fees
  • You can generally start selling your products only one business day after registering
  • The Control Panel, a password-protected, Web-based information tool providing sales statistics, configuration options, documentation, and much more
  • Different payment types (e.g., check, wire transfer) in different currencies
  • Support from the Publisher Relations Management, Accounting, and Sales teams if you have any questions
  • Customer Service Support if your software buyers have any questions

What kind of products can I sell via Share-it?

You can sell any digital products such as software, games and ebooks via Share-it.

How long before I can sell my products via Share-it?

About one business day! You register on the website, enter all required information, create at least one product in the Share-it Control Panel, and accept the terms of our developer agreement. If your information is complete and checks out, you will be able to sell your products as early as one business day after registering with Share-it.

How much does Share-it cost?

Overview of the two Share-it Pricing Models:
  • Share-it VALUE
    4.9% of the product price plus USD/EUR 1 per transaction if Share-it delivers the downloadable product or the license key to your customer
  • Share-it FLEX
    8.9% of the product price, but at least USD/EUR 1 per transaction, no delivery restrictions

I am already registered with Share-it - how can I take advantage of the well-priced Share-it VALUE model?

If you are already registered with Share-it and would like to switch to a different type of contract, please e-mail your request to our Publisher Relations Management Team. We will check if you meet the eligibility requirements for switching to a different model, and if you do, we will immediately switch you over to the new model.

When do I get my money?

Normally, on the 8th of each month, Share-it will e-mail you an account statement for the previous month, and payment is made on the 15th. However, the payment date may vary depending on the payment type and payment cycle settings you have chosen in the Share-it Control Panel.

What happens when a customer buys my product via Share-it?

Immediately after the purchase, Share-it will notify you via e-mail that an order has been placed. Depending on the product delivery type, you arrange for the product to be delivered to the customer, or Share-it delivers the product, provided that payment has been received. You can find an overview of all the orders you have received in the Share-it Control Panel, under Reporting.

What exactly is "Backup Media"?

The customer may also order a Backup Media (if available) in order to have a backup copy of this downloadable product. The Backup Media will be produced and mailed to the customer within 24 hours of receipt of payment. Backup Media cannot be ordered separately; if the customer deletes the downloadable product from the shopping cart, the Backup Media will also be removed.
You can choose between two different types of Backup Media: a simple version which contains the downloadable file only or an extended version in which you may include additional files and design the layout yourself.

What does "Registration Protection Service" mean?

The Registration Protection Service (RPS) guarantees software buyers that Share-it will store their purchased license or registration key for a set period of time. The buyer may at any time retrieve their license or registration key from the password-protected "MyCommerce ID" area in the Customer Care Center.

How does Share-it deliver the product, or how can I deliver the product?

Depending on the pricing model chosen, various delivery types are available for your products:
  • Share-it VALUE
    Share-it delivers the following to your customers:
    - a download link for the full/trial version
    - the license key (key list or static license key)
    - key generator (Web-based key generators or files)
  • Share-it FLEX
    You have the choice of having Share-it deliver the product or delivering it yourself. Possible product delivery types are: download link for the full/trial version, license key, key generator, license information, service.

In addition, your product can be delivered on a Backup Media.

What kind of marketing support does Share-it provide?

With the Control Panel, Share-it provides a number of marketing tools that you can use to boost sales. For instance, there's the REACH e-mail marketing tool, there are affiliate and reseller partner programs, or promotions with coupon codes that you can send to your customers. In addition, Share-it offers search engine optimization programs, website usability programs and the opportunity to sell via partner portals such as

Can I sell securely via Share-it?

But of course! Share-it uses FraudShield which offers maximum security while the customer places their order and thus protects you against fraud and chargebacks. V.3 SSL-encrypted Web pages and 168-bit Triple DES encryption provide your customers with maximum security during the order process. The RSA module and the SSL encryption exponent are 1024 bit. In addition, access the Control Panel is secured by an SSL-encrypted connection.

What kind of technical support does Share-it provide?

Share-it maintains redundant leased lines from various providers as well as several independent data centers in different countries to safeguard against failure and is thus able to guarantee maximum availability of the order process pages.
Key generators which use the customer's input to generate the license key provide assurance that the person who buys your product will also be the person who uses it. And in a few easy steps you can enable your customers to also order a Backup Media of your product in addition to the download version.

Are there file size limits?

No, we accept any file type and any file size you provide to us. You can upload the files in the Control Panel, send them via FTP to our server (please see the Share-it Control Panel for more information), or you can e-mail the file to the Publisher Relations Management team.
However, out of consideration for your customers, you should keep files reasonably small and use a compressed file format such as .zip or .rar, if they are delivered via e-mail.

Where can I specify my product settings?

Share-it's Control Panel is a password-protected, Web-based information tool that allows you to create products and edit their properties. For instance, you can define prices, adjust delivery types, add descriptions in different languages and check your settings by placing a test order.

I would like to sell my products via Share-it - where do I register?

Clicking on the link below redirects you to the registration form so you can open an account with Share-it. After you have selected a pricing model and filled in the form, you will automatically be redirected to the Share-it Control Panel where you can create your product and specify any required settings. Normally you can begin selling your product within one business day of registering with Share-it.
Register now with Share-it!

Whom do I contact if I have additional questions?

In that case, please send us an e-mail at the following address: To enable us to process your request, we ask that you use only English or German when writing to us.