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Spices.Net is a GUI environment with professional look and feel for browse, analyze, obfuscate and decompile .Net assemblies. Programming in Microsoft's .NET Framework gives additional horizons in realization of various ideas with an extensive set of features. Altogether with these powerful capabilities one major drawback is now also a reality: decompilation to Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL). As a result of this feature your code may get disassembled, studied and altered by third parties. Spices.Net is a class browser and disassembler with professional look and feel. Spices.Net works together with our Spices.Decompiler and Spices.Obfuscator, and also include console mode NRObfuscator. Spices.Decompiler offers decompilation features for 6 languages: IL(same functionality as Microsoft ILDASM utility), C#, C++, VB.Net, J#, Delphi.Net coming soon. For reduction of risk of infringement of the intellectual property, 9Rays.Net offers the ultimate solution for this situation - Spices.Ofuscator for Spices.Net versions. In the nearest future Spices.Net will be contains more plugins - such as Spices.Investigator (.Net PE metadata browser) and Spices.Informer (assembly member info reporter).

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