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PlaTIN - Secure File Transfer - Classic Version PlaTIN - Secure File Transfer
Unit Price:   EUR 25.00 
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EUR 25.00
Delivery:   Full version in an e-mail attachment
Platform:   Mac OS X, Windows Server 2003, Unix / Linux, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32
Version:   1.0
Language:   English, German
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PlaTIN Classic (Client license)

You are allowed to use our internet server as a safe file and database server for all file transmissions based on PlaTIN. In addition you get access to a "trusted" client applet (user-front-end) particularly registered for your enterprise. The arising traffic, resp. your produced data transfer volume is measured by us and invoiced to you monthly with 15 EUR per gigabyte (GB) (1 GB equals to the storage capacity of approx. 745000 disks, or 1400 CDs). This variant corresponds to a typical ASP (Active Service Providing), which provides you computing power and storage capacity on an external server, where the operating is done by a slim user interface running on your own PC or workstation. Simply try the Demo version of our PlaTIN secure file transfer software, without any obligations !

To run PlaTIN completely on your own internet- or intranet-server you need the Enterprise license.

[Note-1: If on your computer neither Sun's Java 1.4 Browser PlugIn, nor Sun's Java WebStart Runtime should be installed, they will be automatically installed with the first start of PlaTIN (if you should not have a DSL, or other highspeed access to the internet, this installation can take a while due to the size of the setup files)]

[Note-2: If you use a Firewall in your local network, you must open the TCP communication ports 2331 and 2332 to be able to work with PlaTIN]

[Note-3: If you use a HTTP or SOCKS Proxy in your local network, you must enter the appropriate proxy-address and proxy-port in the Settings panel of PlaTIN to route the PlaTIN client/server communication over the proxy]