PS Hot Folders
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Platform:   Windows Server 2003, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32
Version:   2.2
Language:   English
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Tired of endless browsing though folders when accessing Open, Save As and Browse dialogs?
PS Hot Folders lets you skip the browsing and access any disk or folder on your PC immediately with one mouse click or by pressing a specified hot key combination. The program builds itself into Windows OS shell is available in Windows Open, Save As and Browse dialogs, including Microsoft Office Suite applications.
This is how the program works. First, you select what disks or folders you access most frequently. For 90% of users these are C:, D:, E: and A: (floppy). Now, to open these, save files there or to browse through them, you can simply press a designated hotkey combination – like Win+Ctrl+C for disk C: or Win+Ctrl+A for the floppy drive. The disks will be available in the Open, Save As and Browse dialogs and can be accessed with one mouse button. Then, the same procedure is followed for designated folders you access most often – these are usually My Documents, Shared Documents, Games, Music and some others. The final step is to group these folders into categories, if necessary (as in Media – MP3, Movies, Pictures). Because the program supports tree-like database structure, you can jump from_ one location to another, rather than having to browse through disks and folders. After you get to actually see and use the program yourself, you’ll be surprised by how brainlessly easy and unbelievably convenient it is.
To configure PS Hot Folder, simply click the program icon in the system tray. New disks and folders can be added by dragging and dropping them. It is also possible to save and back up current program configuration.
If you are a “tech skeptic” type of person who thinks that Microsoft’s in-house solutions work just fine – simply give PS Hot Folders a try. After all, download is 100% free. I bet you won’t go back.