SEUIXP Classes for VO 2.7/2.8 - Source SEUIXP Classes for VO 2.7
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SE UI XP - Classes

This library gives you the following features and enhances your user interface to an up to date looking style.

1. You have full control over the Rebar control. Setting of all dimensions, headertext, background, styles ...
2. Supports DropDown buttons with button menues
3. Supports complete Explorer style toolbars with chevron buttons and menues.
4. Supports Explorer style MenuBar for SDI applications.
5. Supports toolbars which needs no corresponding menues, you can add your own commands for each button.
6. Supports separate Contextmenues for each toolbar or band
7. Supports also a contextmenu for the complete rebar control.
8. Supports full configuration of toolbars with drag/drop or with a configuration dialog (hold down the shift button for drag/drop or double click on the toolbar or the configuration dialog.)
9. Support of Office XP style Toolbars.
10. Support of Office XP style or Office 97 style menus.
11. Supports simple saving/restoring of a toolbar configuration.
12. Supports simple saving/restoring of a rebar layout.
13. Support of Schemes for individual configuring of the appearance (colors, font and some dimensions) of the SEToolBarXP and the SEMenuXP class.
14. Also included is a class to manage menu lists like recent file lists for example.
This library needs VO 2.7 and it works not with classmate, because it is an add on to the GUI classes.
VO 2.5/2.6 is currently not available and not planned for the future.

For creating and managing high color toolbars the image editor of the VO IDE don't work and is very uncomfortable.
I have also included my RibbonManager tool, which is a must have for this kind of work.

All is written with pure VO.

The full source code of two sample applications is contained. 

For more information look at my hompage .