Financial Advisor for Excel + Tools for Excel Tables
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USD 79.95
Platform:   Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Server 2003, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32
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Included in the bundle

1 x Financial Advisor for Excel (Full)
productpicture Discounted Cash Flows, Borrowing, Business Profitability, Financial Planning, Investing, Bonds, Cost of Capital, Options, Valuation and more in this powerful financial toolbox!!!
1 x Tools for Excel Tables
productpicture Essential tools for data analysis and tables management for novice and advanced Excel's users. A set of tools that will strengthen your Microsoft Excel to manage data bases and huge tables in your spreadsheets.

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Financial Advisor for Excel: The Swiss Army Tool of financial calculators. Color Palette: Bring life, color and style to your Excel charts and reports.