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Almost all employers expect their employees to be an effective communicator. Effective communication is a key trait in todays business where people are expected to work in a team and also be leaders. However, most people tend to ignore one key aspect of communication, which is listening, and focus more on the questioning and probing aspect.


Knowledge Platform has developed the course on Active Listening that dissects the process of listening, explains the need for active listening as opposed to the other types of listening provides a different perspective on how important active listening skills are for effective communication. The course can be used either off-the-shelf or further customized to meet a companys specific requirements in training their employees.


Target Audience:

The course can be taken by anyone who wants to understand and practice the art of active listening. The course is particularly helpful to customer service officers, team leaders, team members, system requirements elicitation and client engagement managers and sales persons.



Active Listening course aims to educate the learner about the role of listening in communication and how one could make a difference by being an active listener as opposed to passive. Through the use of scenarios and quizzes, the course tries to give the learner varied perspectives on the art of listening and the importance of active listening in communications. The course is best taken together with Probing Skills.


Expected Duration:

2.0 hours



The Active Listening course is structured in 4 modules of approximately 30 minutes each, with an assessment at the end of each module and a final course summary.


        I.      Fundamentals of Active Listening

     II.      Components of Active Listening

   III.      Problems in Active Listening

  IV.      Am I an Active Listener?