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Knowledge Management is a newly emerging, steadily growing interdisciplinary best practices model dealing with all aspects of knowledge within an organization. The model includes knowledge creation, codification, knowledge sharing, use in learning and innovation. In practice, Knowledge Management encompasses both technological tools and organizational routines in overlapping parts. Knowledge Management is not just about creating a new department and implementing technology but rather about a change management process.


Knowledge Platform has an effective online training program that could help government entities impart basic training on Knowledge management. The course is designed to be very interactive and appealing and covers all fundamentals of Knowledge Management.


Target Audience:

The course is targeted at government officials who need to learn to manage Knowledge within and across government institutions.



The Knowledge Management course aims to increase the learners knowledge of the fundamentals of Knowledge Management and the building blocks that go into creating an efficient Knowledge Management model.


Expected Duration:

12 hours


The course is segmented into 18 modules across 4 sections. Each module is around 40 minutes.

        I.      Fundamental Concepts

o  What is Knowledge?

o  Why Knowledge Management?

o  KM Players and Life Cycle

o  Knowledge Assets

o  Identifying Knowledge Assets

     II.      Tools and Technologies

o  Role of Technology

o  Knowledge Management Tools

o  Knowledge Management Technologies

   III.      Implementation

o  Knowledge Audit

o  KM System Implementation

o  Critical Success Factors

o  Measuring Effectiveness

  IV.      KM in Government Entities

o  KM Drivers in Government

o  Case Study: NOFA

o  Case Study: FHWA

o  Case Study: PSC

o  Issues and Strategies I

o  Issues and Strategies II