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Contract Law and Intellectual Property Management are areas that are gaining increasing attention in the wake of an intense global competition with organizations being forced to protect and commercialize their intellectual assets at any time.

Organizations are now more and more realizing the value of training their employees on the importance, the valuation and the management of innovation and protection of inventions and new technological developments. 

With the typically larger number of staff working in R&D, E-Learning is providing all industries with a tool to help them not only train their employees better, quicker, and more efficiently, but it has allowed them to do this more cost effectively also.

Knowledge Platform has an effective online training program that will help the learner understand the fundamentals of Contract Law and equip users with the required knowledge in the areas of patents, NDAs, Trademarks, MOUs, RCAs.  


Target Audience:

The course is targeted at managers, employees and individuals who are involved in R&D and contractual assignments. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the strengthening of organization's competitiveness in a knowledge-based global economy.



·        Identify the Fundamentals of a Contract (Formation, Breach, Termination)

·        Learn about the Nature of a Non-Disclosure Agreement and its Key Terms and Conditions

·        Understand the Purposes and Objectives of a Material Transfer Agreement and its Key terms and Conditions

·        Articulate the Fundamentals of a Memorandum of Understanding or Letter of Intent and their legal status

·        Learn about the Fundamentals of a Research Collaboration Agreement and its Key Terms and Conditions


This course is teaching the Fundamentals of Contract Law using Singapore as the reference country!


Expected Duration:

3.5 hours



3 Hours of Intellectual Property Management Training segmented into 15-minute modules. The Course includes study guide, glossary and post assessment and we will generate a Certificate of Completion.


         I.      The Leuko Nanobot Project

       II.      Formation of Contracts

     III.      Breach of Contracts

     IV.      Termination of Contracts

       V.      Confidential Information

     VI.      The Anatomy of a Non-Disclosure Agreement

   VII.      Trademarks and Other Marks and Geographic Indications

 VIII.      Registered Design

    IX.      Basics of Invention Disclosure

      X.      Invention Disclosure Evaluation

    XI.      Patentability

  XII.      The Patent Filing Process

XIII.      Patent Management and Filing Strategies

XIV.      What are Material Transfer Agreements

  XV.       The Anatomy of a Material Transfer Agreement

XVI.      The Anatomy of a Memorandum of Understanding

XVII.      What are Research Collaboration Agreements (RCA)

XVIII.      The Anatomy of an RCA