SOUP Additive Software Synth
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Version:   1.6
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PROGRESS Audio have cooked up an exciting new additive synth for your studio! FEATURES: - The unique Elements Editor makes additive synthesis accessible. Create and edit sounds by adjusting 5 elements of the sound (Overall tone, change in tone over time, pan, detuning of harmonics, and envelope). - Load up as many sounds as you like, then morph between them in real-time and with complete freedom. - Control morphs manually using the mouse in real-time, or automatically by drawing envelopes for X and Y movement. - Powerful editing features give you access to each of Soup's 64 partials. Design how amplitude, detune and pan for each partial changes over time using the graphical editor. - Simple build-in effects to spice up sounds. - Parameters can be automated. Also allows MIDI controllers to be mapped to numerous Soup parameters. - Resynthesis to allow you to import new sounds from standard WAV files. - Runs on PC VST