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Total:   USD 41.45
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Delivery:   License key by e-mail
Platform:   Win CE / Pocket PC
Version:   All versions
Language:   English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian, Polish
General requirements:   Windows Mobile 2003/SE, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6, GPS
Compatible devices:   ARM, XScale
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This program permits to measure areas of middle and greater size. One needs a Pocket PC 2003 with a GPS-receiver. The GPS-receiver has to be configured to output NMEA sentences. You can also measure distances and navigate to waypoints.

Major features are:

- Coordinates Lat/Lon, UTM and many others
- 270 Map Datums predefined
- Map Datum defined by the user
- Precise Calculation of the area using projection UTM and TM
- Calculation of distances in 2D
- Precise reading of the position of the GPS using averages
- Introduction of waypoints in Lat/Lon, UTM and TM
- Conversion between coordinates and zones
- Navigation to the waypoints
- Offsets in measured positions
- Units of measurement: Metric system or Imperial
- Export data in ESRI Shapefile
- Export data in ASCII
- Export data in DXF
- Export data Google Earth KML
- Export OziExplorer track files
- Export CompeGPS track files
- Scales and Zoom
- VGA compatible
- HDOP Filtering
- Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Latvian, Polish and Romanian