PrpT - Property List Component
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General requirements:   This product requires a Windows compiler that supports the calling of dynamic link libraries (DLLs). It also requires at least some basic programming skills.
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PrpT is a property list custom control with many additional features.

This control can be used for many types of "option" and "property page" dialogs, can also be ideal for a "Visual Designer" where many object properties have to be customizable on-the-fly.

PrpT is contained in an industry standard Win32 DLL which is around 50 kilobytes in size, and is suitable for small to very large applications. What's more, PrpT is a very reliable control, tested and used in some of our own applications available on our web site.

PrpT uses a concept of "entries" - used to describe each item in a property list. These "entries" can have many customizable properties which can even be changed when already present in the list. You can use an unlimited number of "entries" in a property list.

Although you could conceivably use PrpT as a 'Grid'-type control, it was not designed for this purpose. You can actually use PrpT as the only control (on your dialog/form) for your application's complete interface, and PrpT will handle all the necessary user interaction. This in itself is not possible with most Grid controls available. PrpT also does not support multi-columns, which are common in Grids.

We at believe strongly that this type of control should have been distributed with Windows as a native "common control". Since it is not, PrpT is here to fill the void right now!

Please see the product page for a full description and free evaluation download!