SpaceMaker for Poser
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Create Your Own Universe

SpaceMaker features a series of astronomical props for use with Poser software. They allow you to quickly add real 3D planet-style objects directly inside Poser to give your scenes some extra dimension! This product has been optimized for low system requirements in order to keep rendering times to a minimum.

Planet : A single-layer spherical prop with sample texture map.

Layered Planet : A dual-layer spherical prop which uses separate texture maps for the land surface and clouds.

Ringed Planet : A single-layer spherical prop complete with outer ring element. The sphere and ring use separate texture maps.

Moon : A single-layer spherical prop with sample texture map.

Asteroid : A single-layer morphing prop which can change it's shape to create a variety of different asteriod style objects.

This "Starter Edition" will provide you with the most common objects needed to add planets, moons and asteroids into your scenes. A sample texture is provided for each prop but watch out for future "Expansion Packs" that will offer additional surface maps and other add-ons.

System Requirements : Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7, plus Poser 6 or higher.