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Tachyon for PocketPC
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Total:   USD 19.95
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USD 19.95
Delivery:   Licensing information by e-mail
Platform:   .NET Cross-platform, Win CE / Pocket PC, Windows XP x32, WM2003/WM2005 CF NET 2.0
Version:   1.0.0
Language:   English
General requirements:   NET 2.0 and CF NET 2.0
Compatible devices:   WM2003 and WM2005 devices capable of CF NET 2.0 Recommended processors above 400Mhz, 64 MB RAM and 512 MB Storage card if you want to use GSC 1.2
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Tachyon allows you a very nice SkyChart, Planning, Ephemerides, Moon Clementine map, Vizier Catalogs, Telescope Control, Slideshows, Automated Tours, Sun and Earth images, Internetware and so on. Check in Tachyon site at