A.SMS Messaging (SP Black Edition)
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Platform:   , Windows Mobile Smartphones with landscape 320x240 screen
Version:   1.0. Smartphones
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Advanced SMS a special black edition
This program allows you to view, compose, and send SMS messages more conveniently.
And - what's important - you can protect yourself and send/receive highly-encrypted messages.

This is a special, the newest version of A.SMS program, designed for black style Windows Mobile phones.
Some know devices (in the end of 2006): Samsung i320, i600, UBiQUO 501, Motorola Q.
Although there is no reason, no reason at all, to use it with other Windows Mobile phones, if you like.


Basic features in message composing:
  • larger fonts for easier writing
  • remember the last used Recipient's number
  • quick select the number from the list
  • protect message with your own password
  • send "self-destruct" message
  • Basic features in messages previewing:
  • tree-style list of messages, sort by dates and Senders
  • message text preview in the same screen
  • larger fonts for easier reading
  • decrypt protected messages
  • several automatic deleting options
  • incl. self-destruct received message

    This version is designed to use in Windows Mobile Smartphones with horizontal screens and hardware full keyboard,
    and with Windows Mobile PPC phones with touch screen features, or hardware full keyboard.
    Recommended screen resolutions 320x240, or 240x320, or 240x240.

    This version is distributed for personal use.
    It is only limited, to not use encryption features.
    A self-destruct message will delete itself, right after it displays on Recipient's screen.
    Certainly, only when Recipient uses A.SMS Messaging program too.

    On special request, you can unlock to the full version.
    This version uses higher encryption algorithms to protect your messages with personal passwords.
    Recipient has to use the same password and the same algorithm to read this message.
    Why to use personal encryption? Because standard SMS messages are transparently visible for network staff,
    or some third part intercepting persons.

    Please visit this program web page for more details and screenshots: