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admaDIC Spiromat
Unit Price:   USD 14.00 
Total:   USD 14.00
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USD 14.00
Delivery:   License key, Licensing information by e-mail
Platform:   JAVA, Mac OS X, Unix / Linux, Platform independent, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32, Windows Vista x32, Java
Version:   1.0
Language:   English
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The admaDIC Spiromat creates so called hypotrochoid curves. The software simulates a gear which is rotated inside an outer fixed gear. The inner gear has a hole for a pen with which the gear is moved and thus draws a figure.

With the admaDIC Spiromat you can create such pictures easily either by moving the inner gear with the mouse, by letting the software move the gear, or by instantly drawing the complete figure.

You can draw a single figure or create overlays of two or more figures. Each figure in a picture can be drawn with a different color. The pictures can be saved to a file so you can keep your artwork. The Spiromat can export the pictures as bitmap graphics to JPG and PNG files and as vector graphics to SVG files. With the SVG format the pictures can be scaled to any large and small size while maintaining high quality.


  • Platform independent (runs on Java - use it on Windows, Mac OS or Unix/Linux)
  • Show one or more figures in one picture
  • Save and load your pictures
  • Export your pictures as JPG or PNG raster graphics
  • Export your pictures as SVG format (vector graphics for full scalability)