ksafe-5 file system protection Data Security Series
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This program protects your whole computer system, passed National Seecurity Agency's three level testing process, best of ALL! This program uses the ksafe process, which is the best security, better than pgp, norton, symantec, and others. In addition, it would take a hacker using a supercomputer over 200 years to break into the file. This will protect your whole computer system or any data on cd's, dvd's or other media.


• 8192 bit encryption (Ultra Very High Level Encryption), 1 private key

• Protects whole computer, file system or folder system of a computer and/or disk.

• Higher level security than Kryptonite Lite

• Advanced algorithm tested by the NSA

• High security – defeats command and advanced code breaking techniques

• Tested to work with PDF, MP3, Word, Excel, and other file formats

• Secure transfer via email, disk, or physical transport

• Easy to Use

System Requirements

• Windows XP/Vista/Server 2003

• 512 MB RAM

• 10 MB Hard Disk space

Management Support

• Email support available at

• Client support package available