CryptoSidekick 2.1
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You don't have to be an encryption expert in order to be able to perform common encryption tasks. CryptoSidekick 2.1 is designed to make those tasks easy and it's always at hand in the Windows Taskbar tray. You don't need to remember the cryptic commands of command-line tools, or to weed through the confusing menus. A convenient tabbed CryptoSidekick 2.1 GUI makes all those encryption tasks just a mouse click away.

With CryptoSidekick 2.1 you can:

  • generate and manage public and private 2048-bit RSA keys
  • encrypt and decrypt text, files, and compressed archives with very strong 256-bit AES symmetric and private/public key pairs
  • digitally sign text and files and verify the signatures
  • send and receive secure encrypted e-mails
  • store information in password protected secure categorized notebook
  • securely delete files with file shredder
  • store your data securely in secure vault, which can be created on virtually any media, e.g. USB drives, network drives, RAM disks, etc.

Publisher: GB Research LLC