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Platform:   Windows XP x32, Windows Vista x32
Version:   v3.0
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NiXPS is a cross-platform productivity tool for working with XPS. It is based on our NiXPS technology, which assures very fast and efficient processing of your XPS files. Go beyond mere viewing and take control of your XPS documents.


  • Combine multiple XPS files into one
  • Add a cover page
  • Extract pages from a report in XPS
  • Make a standard template in XPS, and fill-in the values afterwards
  • Inspect XPS files to see which fonts and images are being used
  • Extract images and fonts used in an XPS file
  • Replace a font that is subset with the original font for easy text corrections
  • Make modifications to the XML of an XPS file and save it - all right from one tool
  • An many more ...