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IT Professional's Guide to Managing and Consulting Product List
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As an IT Consultant or Manager, you're expected to wear many hats - each one successfully and the transition from a technical role to management is often difficult.

As you juggle the facets of your consulting and managerial role, it is essential to develop your business acumen. Understanding the business goals of your enterprise and ensuring that the entire IT department team is in alignment with those goals is vital.

This book will enable you to:

* Create IT departments that are well-aligned with an organization's business objectives
* Understand the relationship between an IT department's responsiveness and organizational agility
* Set effective project priorities and keep projects running as planned
* Measure IT performance accurately
* Better manage end-user expectations
* Build team loyalty
* Stretch technology budgets
* Improve communication with an organization's board members

ISBN: 978-1-921573-14-9