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Included in the bundle

1 x ChineeWinds
Modern musicians have always been searching for the next NEW sound to spice up the next big hit. Kong Audio's ChineeWinds IS the answer to the search. ChineeWinds includes two common Tenor Dizi, two Treble Dizi, two Bass Dizi, and one ChaoZhou Dizi. ChineeWinds is Multi-sampled, plus many expressive articulations and phrases at your disposal.
1 x ChineeErHu
For the musicians who are after the purist Chinese sound, ChineeErhu is a must-have. For the musicians who are after exotic and inspirational string sound, ChineeErhu fits the need as well.
1 x ChineeGuZheng II
1 x ChineePiPa
ChineePipa contains various types of legato, tremolo, trills, rolls, slaps, and staccato, as well as special techniques, phrases and articulations. The note range is from A3 to D7 (for most patches). With the extensive sampling and Modwheel triggered expressions, the live playability of ChineePipa is, again, unmatched. The audio demo here is an an examplary showoff of what can be done with only one patch.
1 x ChineeSheng
1 x ChineeKong
With the rare and exotic acoustic percussion samples, ChineeKong V2 can add an atmospheric touch to film score compositions, yet still fits well in the pop music when necessary. ChineeKong V2 also provides inspiring, refreshing materials for modern offbeat experimental musicians. It's a percussion fest. It's a wild dream come true.
1 x ChineeErHu_II


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Specialized in one area, and do it as best as we could, that is to recreate the authentic Chinese music elements for the Chinese composers. Everything we make are produced, recorded, arranged by people who live and breath with the actual instruments and the actual civilization.Now, with the Essential China pack, five selected classical Chinese instruments from the much acclaimed Chinee Series, including ChineeWinds (flutes), ChineeErhu (Erhu), ChineeGuzheng (Guzheng), ChineePipa (Pipa), and ChineeSheng (Sheng), constituting the core of Chinese music elements, the composers and musicians around the globe can now have access to the same tools as the working Chinese professionals do, to paint with a finer stroke and a broader sound palette. With Essential China, you get to the essence of the distinct China.