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PosterGenius for Windows, Student Edition
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PosterGenius™ is a powerful, user-friendly software application that enables the creation of professional looking scientific posters in less than 10 minutes.Designed by physicians, scientists and researchers and created by software engineers in cooperation with graphic designers, PosterGenius™ offers a workflow tailored to the needs of everyone who creates scientific posters. PosterGenius™ separates the content from the design of the poster and enables the user to focus on research results while the application automatically optimizes and manages all the rest: design and appearance, dynamic flow and placement of text, images, captions, tables and graphs, font printing and other parameters. Once a poster is created, the user has the option to easily change various specifications such as poster dimensions, number of columns, appearance and overall design with just the click of a button. As a result of this, the user can very easily modify a poster sent to a previous conference to comply with the guidelines of a new conference, while he focuses on the introduction of new data and findings.

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