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Personal License
Includes JHawk standalone Java application, JHawk Eclipse plugin and full documentation. Licensed for a single developer.

Virtual Machinery's JHawk product generates a number of vital metrics relating to your Java code. Using these metrics you can improve the performance, reusability, maintainability and overall quality of Java code. Metrics are provided at overall, package, class and method levels and separate views are available for each. Output can be saved to HTML, XML or CSV formats. The personal version is compatible with any Java environment based on JDK 1.6 and above. Source code up to JDK 8 can be analysed. Applications are provided for both Eclipse and file based environments. The distribution also contains the ability to add new metrics to the application - documentation and samples are provided.

View further details here and you can download our trial version here.

The Personal License includes one years free updates of the software. After that a renewal fee (details here) is charged for each year of updates. Note that the product is still active after one year and you are still licensed to use it. If you do not renew at the end of the year then you will need to re-purchase the product should you subsequently wish to upgrade to the next version.

Generates metrics for Java code - GUI application and command line options