Inmate : Faces for Michael 3, David & The Freak
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Version:   1.0
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General requirements:   Poser 6 or higher and Michael 3, David & The Freak figures from DAZ (plus the Head and Body morphs for each figure).
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If you need a deranged, inbred, low-life, scum of the earth character for your Poser scene then try out this dangerous new face set. Meet Buddy, Doofus, Engler, Finky, Gorin, Hillbert, Lompa, Ned, Ogden and Wakey! Ideal as inmates for your asylum or prison. Or maybe a thug for your dubious backstreet locations.

This set offers 10 different characters, with versions for all 3 figures. Only the face settings are provided - you will need to apply your own texture maps.

Please note you will need the Head and Body Morph packs installed from DAZ to make use of these presets, along with the Base figures (not included with this product).