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Method R Tools is the industrial-strength software tool kit for managing and manipulating Oracle trace data, designed and developed by Cary Millsap and the performance specialists at Method R Corporation. With Method R Tools, you can see important attributes about trace files quickly without having to open them, execute complex queries against sets of trace files, and even fix problems in your trace files themselves.


The Method R Tools per-person (multi-platform) license permits one specific person to run a tool with any login id, on any system, anywhere.

Maintenance Subscription

Each license includes a 1-year maintenance plan, which entitles one specific person access to patches, bug fixes, and new releases for one year from the purchase date, plus read/write access to the Method R Tools Discussion Forum at Continued maintenance after the 1-year purchase anniversary is priced separately. Method R Corporation invoices for continued maintenance fees annually on the first day of the purchase anniversary month.