HSDc Sequence Plugin
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HSDc Sequence Plugin is the Source Code Diagnostic X-Ray Machine. The major functions performed by the tool are described as follows: 1.The developer can reverse sequence diagram from source code. 2.The developer can generate source code from sequence diagram. It helps: 1.Developers can spend less time on drawing diagrams to confirm their thinking and put more time in writing efficiency programs. 2.Managers can get high quality and completed checked codes. 3.Reviewers/Architects can do “code review” by getting sequence diagrams with the same situation of source codes to review code quality. 4.Project team may use this product to generate Sequence Diagram at ANYTIME. The product features are: 1.Generate sequence diagrams anytime from the original codes in the development duration, not limited in runtime mode. 2.Parse any sequence diagrams to generate the corresponding source codes. 3.Support parser Java, C#, VB .NET coding language. 4.Parse source codes to generate sequence diagrams. Users can decide each source code's directory and level. 5.Follow UML 2.3 specification. 6.Parse the interaction operators of the source codes and generate results in sequence diagrams. 7.UML tools, such as Enterprise Architect, are allowed to plug in.