Kryptonite 3 r4 - 2015
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Version:   3.4
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A 24,000 bit encryption package that allows you to protect important information as document files, images, music, and other important files. Also, the encryption is military-like strength so that your information is secure. 1-2-3-4 and your file is encrypted and safe, ready to send or transport. Prepared files can work with email, browsers, and with various media as flashdrives, etc. Available for windows and made to work with windows 7 and 8.1.

Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1

Files supported: documents, image, music, binary, executable, and others

Three layer password system

1-2-3-4 easy encrypt / decrypt process

Made for Professional and personal use

One license fee

up to 1000 uses or before 08/01/2016 whichever comes first

email support available to those who purchase application

Ms. Kanecki's executive expertise includes over 30 years helping businnesses, non profits, and NGO's improve their organizations for their customers and associates. In addition, Ms. Kanecki skill set include legal, financial, and change management. Her MBA thesis was on the topic of strategic planning and change management. Her clients include companies as aerospace, medical/pharmaceutical, public social organizations, manufacturing, auto industry, government agencies, and four administrations of The Executive Office of the President.

From 1992 to 1999, Ms. Kanecki is presently Emeritus Vice President and the chairwoman and associate vice president for the Society for Computer Simulation in San Diego. California,, emergency management and planning technical engineering activity. Since, 1983, her research has included, but not limited, inteeligent, thinking systems, which received favorable mention in the University of Cambridge Hot Topics in 1997. Her intelligent, thinking, systems research is published in SCS conference proceeding since 1992.

From 1989 to 1993, she was an active member, research specialist, a core laboratory manager in advanced computing, flow cytometry, and cell sorting to nine medical research projects involving T-Cells, Endothelial Cells, Platelets, CD4/CD8, and Human Chromosomes. Ms. KANECKI's interest includes Strategic Planning, Management, Emergency Management and Planning, Intelligent - Thinking - Systems, Sixth Generation Software Development, Cross Compiler and Dynamic Paging Systems, Universal Grammar and Semantic Processing, Real Time Fast Fourier Signal Processing, Fifth Generation Relational and Automatic Information Linkage Systems as KANECKI Prolog, Real Life Simulation Variation modeling.

DIANA KANECKI is currently an executive, artist, author, and publisher. Her companies include KaneckiArt,, DKA Strategic Planning, Inc.,, and Kanecki Associates, Inc., KaneckiArt specializes in the creative arts of fashion, art, advertising, marketing, and legal services for the creative arts. DKA Strategic Planning's mission is to provide executive consulting, intellectual property services (legal, copyright, patent, trademark registrations) and publications through e-books and paperbacks. Kanecki Associates, Inc. mission is to provide off the shelf and innovative intellectual property solutions to aid in new and updated product development.