Point VersionCheck utility (Site License)
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VersionCheck application is designed for automatic update of new MS Access 97 or 2000/XP/2003 application or any EXE application version. For checking and comparing application versions it use Property "Version" of "UserDefined" Document of Container "Databases". You can set property "Version" by manually adding it (menu File|Database Properties) or with VersionCheck application. VersionCheck use three MS Access files: Your application Front-end MDB file on user workstation (AppMDB), new version of your application MDB file on any available server (SourceMDB) and Data Back-end file (DataMDB). When new version of your application Front-end is ready, developer increment version number, put it on the server and set version of the data back-end file DataMDB equal to new front-end file SourceMDB. VersionCheck use the following algorithm:

IF AppMDB.Version <> DataMDB.Version THEN

Then VersionCheck runs your application.

Furthermore VersionCheck can compact AppMDB each time you start it. You can define this with "Compact Application file on startup" checkbox.