Chinese Radical Exam (Bu Shou Ce Yan)
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Radicals are basic building blocks in Chinese characters. Gaining a good grasp of common radicals is essential to success in mastering Chinese characters. The collection of radicals Chinese Radical Exam Ver. 2.1 teaches has been refined to include those that are most useful for learning Chinese characters. These radicals are also characters in their own right. The progam also teaches 48 common pianpang, or radicals that take on a different shape when they are found in combination with other elements in a character. *16-bit Soundblaster-compatible soundfile giving native-speaker pronunciations. *Automatic slide shows give exposure to all characters and their pronunciation before working with the Flash cards. *Does not require any Chinese Font to be installed! *Engaging format and practical teaching style for long-term usability. *Teaches and tests using either simplified or traditional characters. *User can select either Hanyu PinYin or Practical Tone Spelling input method *Test covers meanings only or meanings and pronunciation, at the user's choice. *Flash cards, pop quizes on similar characters, Drag 'n Drop games, Mini-tests on useful topics, all offer variety and fun in the learning process.