Mobile DHCP Service for Windows NT4.0
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Mobile DHCP Service. MDHCP in conjunction with an operational DHCP server, allows Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 wireless network users to roam between 802.11b Wireless AccessPoints that exist on different TCP/IP subnets. The service monitors connectivity to the network. If connectivity is lost, the service will attempt to obtain a valid DHCP lease and re-establish IP connectivity. For a user to manually obtain a DHCP lease while roaming would require Administration rights on the target PC. MDHCP provides automatic TCP/IP address update without user intervention. The service also provides a visual indication of the network connection status via an icon on the system tray. Right clicking the icon will provide the current TCP/IP address, TCP/IP Defualt Gateway and the ability to stop the service. MDHCP provides a simple way to allow wireless users to roam while maintaining system administration integrity.