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To be able to pass an immigration interview successfully you need to be prepared.
This product eases the process considerably, by offering you a detailed template of what kind of questions will be asked, and how all of them should be answered. When you purchase the Immigration Interview, you are paying for the following:
- An audio recording and a detailed, accurate transcript of an interview with an Immigration Officer. This includes examples of the various general and professional history questions that will be asked, as well as appropriate answers. Also present are the "poser" question, and other important considerations of "curve-balls" that the interviewer might throw, and the proper answers to which you'll be very glad to have.
- A compilation of advice and tips on proper Immigration interview etiquette, and how to ensure that you leave the best impression possible, maximizing your chances of success
Short examples of the interview's material are available from the trial page. The full version is a full scale interview containing many hard questions together with smart answers. Don't miss your opportunity. Come prepared!
The full product consists of an audio file in English in MP3 format and a text file. The text is very helpful for people with not yet fluent English because it duplicates all information from audio files.
To purchase a half-price version of the Immigration Interview Solution that includes all of the above features, excluding the audio recordings, and is presented, instead, in Microsoft Word, plain text, Palm OS, and Pocket PC reader formats, please Click Here.
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