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ATable for AutoCAD
Unit Price:   GBP 24.61 
Total:   GBP 24.61
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GBP 24.61
Delivery:   License key by e-mail
Platform:   Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32
Version:   6.6
Language:   English
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Provides a very unique and intuitive interface that allows you to easily create and edit tables, similar to those in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. New features: - AutoCAD 2004 support - formula calculation in cells (like in Excel) - select grid style in OPM (Object Property Manager) - browse block filename to cells - columns and rows autosizing Main features: - dynamic update of table in drawing during editing - dynamic display selected cells in drawing - adding and removing rows and columns - join cell - interface "as in" Microsoft Excel - changing tables properties in AutoCAD Object Property Manager - switching borders display - switching text object type (DTEXT or MTEXT) - switching text fitting - switching of making lines in cell between strings - automatic text splitting in cell (three modes) - changing insertion point of table - horizontal and vertical aligning of text - easy changing of column width and row height - changing text style of table - easy changing of text height in each cell - easy cahngnig of text line spacing - tuning of width factor and oblique angle (DTEXT only) - simplified table creating from existing one - reading text into cells/rows/columns from drawing - changing layer, color and lineweight for text - changing layer, color and lineweight for vertical and horizontal borders - prepare table in drawing via Lisp function - changing table properties before, during and after inserting table - edit table after insertion - inserting header to table - creating table styles - locking key properties by table style - saving link to Microsoft Excel range - updating grid contens by link to Microsoft Excel range - changing hotkey for main commands - attaching add-ons - English and Russian interface