EControl Form Designer Pro
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EControl Form Designer is huge library that provides ability to create customizable applications.
You can edit forms, data modules, frames, reports with using of property editors, component editors, custom modules and other design time objects like in Borland IDE.

This functionality available due to using custom implementation of native Borland IDE interfaces (IFormDesigner, IDesigner, IComponentDesigner), so design time packages thinks that they works in Delphi IDE.

You can use Form Designer also for debug property and component editors, because they will work at runtime.

Object inspector is like one in Delphi 6. It supports reference properties, categories, ...

It is really easy to use. Just drop TzFormDesigner on the form and set property Active to True.

Main features

  • Fully compatible with Delphi IDE
  • It is based on the same interfaces like Delphi form designer
  • You can edit forms, data modules, reports, controls on you form
  • Support custom modules
  • Support property and component editors
  • Collection, picture, string, dataset fields, actions and other editors are available
  • Object inspector looks and works like Delphi one and now has Delphi 6 style with supporting of property categories.
  • "Object Inspector Properties" dialog.
  • Cross modules references (object and method)
  • Event properties editing
  • Runtime package loading
  • Palette panel for selecting Class to insert
  • Palette tab control like Delphi one
  • Alignment palette
  • Align, Size, Scale, Tab Order, Creation Order dialogs
  • Designer hints
  • Clipboard operations compatible with Delphi (you can copy components to/ from Delphi)
  • Customizable performance
  • "Packages" dialog allows Load/Unload packages.
  • "Customize Palette" dialog allows customizing component palette.
  • Save/Load component palette and packages configuration.
  • Frame support. You can insert and edit frames.
  • Properties Root, Form, ContainerWindow are now public. To set design target Published property Target has been added.
  • Property Edit - edit control for editing property value using property editors.
  • ...