Grammar Slammer for Non-Windows OS Grammar Slammer by English Plus+
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Platform:   Mac OS X, NextStep, Unix / Linux, OS/2, Other systems, Novell Netware, Mac OS 9/Classic, BeOS
Version:   4.2
Language:   English
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  • 56k: ~2 min.
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General requirements:   Requires the version of Adobe Acrobat Reader which is compatible with your operating system.
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English grammar reference that answers the questions the checkers raise. Click the integrated search button or bookmark and grammar answers appear in the file format you already know how to use: Acrobat Reader. Useful for anyone who writes English in Windows. Use as personal or class tutor. A complete English language aid. Also for use with most newer handheld devices: Palm OS 4.0 or higher, WinCE, Pocket PC, and Symbian.