Guitar Arpeggio Licks GUITAR
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"Power Packed with 500 Arpeggio Riffs!"

Arpeggios are used extensively in all styles of music.  Rock, Metal, Country, Folk, Blues, Classical, you name it!  Arpeggios are commonly used for rhythm backing, interludes and breaks, and can be easily integrated into lead guitar sections. 

Mastering this playing technique is a must for all guitarists no matter what style of music is played.  This expansion pack will give you the keys to unlock your potential and bring you closer to the next level!

Arpeggio Example


Included in this Exclusive Musician's Expansion Pack™

  • 500 GUITAR ARPEGGIO licks and riffs.
  • TABLATURE AND STANDARD MUSICAL NOTATION.  Reading sheet music is not required.
  • TABLATURE REFERENCE GUIDE that shows you how to read the included guitar tablature finger patterns.
  • INTEGRATED SOUND for every pattern in the expansion pack.
  • EASY TO USE NAVIGATION software that allows you to scan through each lick one by one, go directly to a lick you want to focus on, and listen to a lick with the simple click of the mouse.
  • GUITAR FRETBOARD MAP that contains all of the finger positions for all of the notes on the guitar neck.
  • INSTRUCTION ON MORPHING these licks and riffs.
  • PRACTICE TIPS to allow you to get the most out of your practicing time.
  • PRINTABLE BOOK ON DEMAND that contains all of the finger patterns in this arsenal.
  • Designed for BEGINNING TO ADVANCED guitar players.