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Qualitek-4 (Student/Academic)
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GBP 78.31
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Version:   17.1+
General requirements:   Qualitek-4 is compatible with Windows XP and later versions. It requires about 50 Meg of hard disk space. Users are requested to test & evaluate software (Download QT4-Setup.Exe installable file from or ) for system compatibility before making purchase decision.
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Qualitek-4 is a Windows software for the Taguchi experimental design technique. It can automatically design experiments based on user-indicated factors and levels. The program selects the array and assigns the factors to the appropriate column. For more complex experiments, there is a manual design option. The program also performs the three basic steps in analysis: main effect, analysis-of-variance, and optimum studies. Analysis can be performed using standard or signal-to-noise ratios of results for smaller, bigger, nominal, or dynamic characteristics. Results can be displayed using pie charts, bar graphs, or trial-data-range graphs. In addition to analysis of DOE results, the software also has a large number of capabilities dealing with the Taguchi Loss Function and its relationships with other population performance measures. Using this Student version of the software with restricted capability, you can design your experiments using L-4, L-8, L-9 and L-12 orthogonal arrays. If you already downloaded the program (QT4-Setup) and evaluated it recently, you need not download again. You may proceed to purchase directly as the registration number you receive upon purchase will allow you to reinstall the software and unlock all capabilities. (Download QT4-Setup.Exe installable file from or ) For more details about the software and its capabilities, visit: .