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Platform:   Platform independent, Notes Domino V6 to V8.5
Version:   V2.0
Language:   English, French, French
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With AnyDocForm, edit any text, number or date item of any Notes/Domino document.

Every Notes/Domino designer and administrator have to face issues due to malformed documents, or documents in a state that cannot be undone or corrected through the document form (if any).
Consequences are much or less important.

  1. At development time, this can lead to create a new document from scratch and replay a complete workflow process.
  2. For a running application, a wrong field can prevent from opening a document.
  3. An item containing a text value instead of a number in a single document can prevent computing of all view totals.
AnyDocForm has been designed to face this kind of problem. It allows viewing and editing of any text, number and date item of any document, without using the form (if any). More, with AnyDocForm, you can change the data type of an item (text to number ..), add and delete items.
The product includes the deployment process and the setting of security options.
The download includes the full product but running in demo mode (only 5 first items of document can be edited). You should buy the registration key to unleash the software.