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Project-Eo Multi Diary (Day Edition) 1.0.2
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USD 99.00
Version:   1.0.2
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Appointment Booking - people

Easy appointment booking, Resource Booking, Resource Management, Time Recording, Billing and Project Management.

  • Hairdressers, sales people, service engineers, tradesmen, advisors, IT support, garages, collection and delivery services, doctors, dentists, homeopaths etc

If you are making appointments you will instantly see free spaces and fill them - if your hourly rate is $25 an hour just 4 hours this week will pay for this software. In a year that's more than $5000 extra in your pocket.

Resource Booking, Resource Management - things

  • Book anything not just people - even mix and match them - People, Teams, Meeting Rooms - anything
  • It doesn't matter what you are booking (sunbeds, leisure facilities, meeting rooms), the next time the phone rings you will be able to fill that spare slot.

An extra 2 hour booking a week at $25 will put $2600 in you pocket!

Time Recording / Billing - time recording

  • Book every working hours to your clients
  • Use the print options to calculate the hours for each client

5 missed hours a week at $25 will put an extra $6500 a year in your pocket (ask my wife - she has plenty of money!).

Project Management - day to day Resource Management

  • Human Resources
  • Plant and Machinery

Multi Diary is great for the day to day running of your projects. You can visually plan and monitor all those small things that make your project work.