FlexDB Access
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Platform:   Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Server 2003, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32
Version:   1.2
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     FlexDB Access Major Features:

-   supports every database using ODBC, OLE DB or ADO connection driver
      FlexDB Access works with every database using connection drivers listed above. Beside of a database type it is shown in the same way in our program.

-   inactive database files support
      Database files not working with any database server are also served.

-   viewing database content
      Database tree view show all information existing in the database. You can also build Your own SQL query and view only specified part of database.

-   simple editing database content in Table View
      Database is shown as a table tree and gives You a possibility of adding, removing and editing its subject

-   modifying data by user-defined forms
      FlexDB Access contains Forms Designer module in which You can build unique interface for managing Your database. Forms could be saved as a file and opened as a independent tool.

-   building SQL queries in graphical interface
      VisualSQL is a graphical tool for generating SQL queries. Having dictionary of SQL commands and database content helps You to build Your own queries and use them in next steps (making forms or reports).

-   making fully configurable reports
      Report Editor gives fantastic potential of creating printable reports from the beginning to the end. You can design Your own report layout and put specified information on it.

-   export reports preview to file (pdf, rtf, htm and more)
      In order to give You a possibility of saving Your work results to a file, FlexDB Access allow You to save created reports as Acrobat Reader, MS Word, HTML documents and more.

-   export database content to file (xml, CSV and Excel format)
      FlexDB Access allows You to save database content, SQL queries and their result to a file.

-   printing reports
      Once You've designed report You can also print it for various purposes.