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Simple Hydraulic Calculator
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The Simple Hydraulic Calculator has many features to help you properly design an automatic sprinkler system:
  • Hazen-Williams friction loss formula as per NFPA 13
  • Supply and Demand Calculations
  • Multiple water sources supported
  • Multiple booster pumps supported
  • Multiple backflow preventers / fixed loss valves supported
  • Suitable for wet, dry, pre-action, deluge, and water-foam systems
  • Velocity pressures or total pressures
  • Model tree, grid, loop, and custom systems
  • Hardy-Cross method of analysis (in use for over three years)
  • Optional Newton-Raphson method of analysis (currently in beta)
  • Metric or U.S. units and conversion
  • Supports over 32,000 pipes
  • Supports over 32,000 nodes
  • Use descriptive pipe and node names up to eight characters long
  • Automatic peaking of grid, tree, and looped systems
  • Automatic fitting equivalent length adjustment
  • Editable pipe materials database
  • Negative pressures allowed
  • Negative elevations allowed
  • 'Old school' data entry (faster for many than dialog based data entry)