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Surveying Tools
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USD 123.18
Delivery:   License key by e-mail
Platform:   Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Server 2003, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32, Require BricsCad IntelliCAD® V5
Version:   1.0
Language:   English
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Surveying Tools is built to eliminate the most common bottlenecks in BricsCad IntelliCAD® and was born to fulfill the needs of the mapping, surveying, utilities, civil, GIS users of BricsCad IntelliCAD®. Today, the program has grown beyond its initial domain and many of he tools are general purpose enough to be of interest to just any BricsCad IntelliCAD® user. Surveying Tools implements coordinate geometry (COGO) commands in an easy-to-use interface.