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Virtual Machinery BTree Toolkit (Base License)
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This is the base license for Virtual Machinery's BTree Toolkit which consists of the toolkit application itself and the related documentation. The source code for this application is also available as an option to purchase. The toolkit application is covered by the distribution license (if any) that you have. If you have a BTree base license you can only use the toolkit on a single computer. If you have a BTree site license you can use it on all computers on the site. Note that you cannot distribute the toolkit even if you have a BTree commercial license.

Virtual Machinery's BTree Diagnostic Toolkit is implemented in Java and allows a user to carry out diagnosic functions on BTrees created by both Java and Smalltalk versions of Virtual Machinery's Btree Product. The product is a fully functional application which implements the following functions -

  • Connect the toolkit to an existing tree
  • Create a new tree and connect the toolkit to this
  • View basic information about the tree
  • Verification of integrity of BTree - quick (index pages only ) and full versions (index and data pages) available
  • Count the number of records in the BTree
  • Compress a BTree to reduce it to its most efficient size
  • Fix BTrees whose data set is intact but whose index set has become corrupt
  • View details of and records on data and index pages
  • Search the tree for string sequences in both indices and data in the tree
  • Save data to disk in either text or binary format
  • Load data saved to disk in either text or binary format. This data can have been saved using the diagnostic toolkit or generated by another application provided it is in the same format
  • Attempt to Rescue data from a BTree whose data set is corrupt


  • Installation guide
  • Application documentation
  • Source code version includes a full guide to the use of the classes (including javadoc)

License options & pricing

  • Toolkit Base License (requires Java or Smalltalk base license) - €74.95/$99.95
  • Java BTree Toolkit source code (requires Toolkit Base license) - €74.95/$99.95

Virtual Machinery BTree Toolkit