Infoworker's Pro Bundle
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USD 99.95
Platform:   , Mac OS X 10.5 or later, fast Internet connection
Language:   English, German, French
Included in the bundle

1 x DEVONagent Pro
productpicture When you need answers from the Internet (not just links), use DEVONagent, and let it make sense out of the results provided by popular search engines. Using advanced search techniques, DEVONagent takes on all those tedious search-and-review tasks releasing you to focus valuable time on relevant results. Click here to buy as an upgrade.
1 x DEVONthink Pro
productpicture The professional edition for smart users who need more than filing: multiple databases, more file formats, tables and full AppleScript and Automator support. Click here to buy as an upgrade.

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Intelligence times two

The Infoworker's Pro Bundle combines the power of DEVONthink Pro and DEVONagent Pro. Use DEVONagent Pro to find whatever information you need on the Internet and use DEVONthink Pro to store it together with your notes, documents, images and PDFs.