Pair Them Up - (Site License)
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Platform:   Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32
Version:   1.1.00
Language:   English
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The 'Pair Them Up!' program is an educational game based on the traditional game of 'Pairs' or 'Concentration'. When a questions file (graphics file bmp or jpg) is loaded there are 24 cards (12 matching pairs). The objective is to turn over a pair of cards at a time and try to remember the matching pairs, however the sample files show that the pairs consist of a question and answer so not only do you need to remember where the pairs are but you also have to be able to work out which ones match. To make this a little easier you can select to show which cards are questions and which cards are answers, the background of one of each pair will show a small red circle. You can choose to play a 1 to 6 player game for team events, set the backgounds of the cards, and the main background to any picture you like. You can choose the sounds from any wave file you have available or just use the built-in sounds. When you want to create your own questions, use the built-in option to create a blank bitmap file which is already divided into 12 rows of 2 cells. Each row is a pair of questions. The program will automatically load this file into Microsoft Paint for editing if you wish or you can edit the file in your prefered graphics editor software. Once you have made 12 pairs of questions save the file and select Run to load it into the 'Pair Them Up' program to play.

Pair Them Up
Create your own concentration questions them try and 'Pair Them Up!'
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