WIDI Audio To MIDI VST Plugin (MAC OS X)
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USD 59.90
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Plataforma:   Mac OS X, for MAC OS X
Versión:   1.15
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WIDI Audio To MIDI Plugin allows to recognize polyphonic Audio into MIDI data:
  • Get MIDI representation of Audio recording for further editing
  • Use any music instrument to control your MIDI synthesizer in realtime
  • Synchronize your MIDI equipment with specific Audio events
  • Add MIDI-driven effects as you play a music instrument WIDI Audio To MIDI
The Plugin utilizes VST Technology by Steinberg , and can be used with almost any VST host. WIDI VST cannot be used as a stand-alone application, there is other software from WIDISOFT that does Audio To MIDI conversion directly.

Important Note: This software is sold based on "try before your buy" basis, you may download the trial version for free from, so we do not provide any refunds for it.