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DoveZ - The Second Wave [Full-Edition] (ca 650 MB)* DoveZ - The Second Wave
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Total:   USD 11.99
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Platform:   Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32
Version:   1.4
Language:   English, German
File Size:   Full version: 645.3 MB
Download Time:   Full version
  • 56k: ~1504 min.
  • DSL/Cable (1/8/16Mbit): ~90 / ~11 / ~6 min.

General requirements:   DirectX compatible graphic card required (minimum: TNT2, Voodoo3, GeForce Chipset)
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Make your choice between one of two totally different playerships and fight your way through the massively incoming alien attack to save the human race. Play the game in singeplayer or multiplayer mode, together with a friend.

It's time to start your engines - now !

*includes high quality, story based, rendered cutscenes

  • 2 different playerships
  • individual and innovative weapon system for each ship
    • satellite unit (for D-Phyton playership)
    • specialweapons and upgrades (both playerships)
  • audiovisual radio messages
  • rendered cutscenes
  • many different, exciting sceneries
    • space
    • underwater
    • city and industrial
    • ice covered planets
  • weather effects (snow, rain, thunder)
  • 3D accelerated graphics
  • singleplayer and multiplayer
  • 45min original soundtrack by Toxeen (



"The Wilkinson Lady Protector"
Finally, there is a game like 'R-Type' available for PC ! The sequal to 'Dove' (Freeware) adds lots of fresh ideas to this immemorial game principle.

- Joachim Hesse, PC Action

Link:Review (Screenshot)

Singleplayer: 80% | Multiplayer: 81%
PC Action Price-Tip, 11/2004