Lin Yin Sheng, Wang Jian Min. SHE ZU QUAN: Pugilistic Art of the SHE Nationality. /e-Book, pdf, 2.1 MB, 111 pp./
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HERITAGE OF THE SOUTHERN SHAOLIN. According to tradition the style SHE ZU QUAN came into existence in the Fujian province (South-East China) in the beginning of the 18th century. The founder of the style is considered Tie Zhu, one of several monks who survived complete devastation of the Southern Shaolin monastery by emperor Yongzheng’s troops. After long wandering Tie Zhu settled down in the village of Jindouyang. The village was situated in a remote mountain region in the North-East of the Fujian province where since long time the small nationality SHE lived. In time Tie Zhu opened a school to teach local inhabitants. Later the style was spread among the people of SHE and received the present name. SHE, one of small peoples in South-East China, inhabit mountain region at the junction of provinces Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Guangdong. During long time the SHE people led isolated life. Contacts of SHEs with the outside world were limited very much until the middle of the 20th century. SHE ZU QUAN, always being a closed style, was passed down from generation to generation at family schools. The people of SHE used SHE ZU QUAN for protection of their homes and crops, they shared secrets of the mastery very seldom and hid them from strangers. Thanks to such isolation over almost three hundred years combat technique of the style and training methods did not undergo substantial changes, they preserve precious heritage of the Southern Shaolin School practically without any changes until now. Besides the theoretical base of the style, combat methods and techniques the book presents many little known but very effective exercises for developing quickness, hardness and strength. Those three qualities are basic for the whole Southern Shaolin School, they are called “three jewels” in SHE ZU QUAN. In addition, original exercises for developing eyesight, balance, response time, etc. are available in the book.