Link Disguiser - prevents spam bots from collecting emails from your web-site

  Anti spam solution for your web-site  
Link Disguiser allows you to hide and protect virtually any e-mail address link on your web-site
Link Disguiser
Unit Price:   USD 49.99 
Total:   USD 49.99
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USD 49.99
Platform:   Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Windows XP x32, Windows XP x64
Version:   2.x
Language:   English, Italian
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Link Disguiser allows you to:

   » Convert text-written email address into an image
   » Obfuscate email address in a href tag
   » Encode "mailto:" tag with JavaScript
   » Automatically integrate anti-spam protection into selected pages (single or multiple) in Batch Mode
   » Generate code with anti-spam protection and then customize it for your own needs.



Advantages of Link Disguiser:


1. Forget about long hours wasted on reading lengthy and meaningless manuals, trying to learn hundreds of complicated options and settings. With Link Disguiser you can be done with integrating spam protection on your website in 5 minutes after the installation. The learning curve has never been so low!


2. Link Disguiser offers flexible protection options, which can be adjusted with a single mouse-click. Choose whether you wish to show email address as an image with or without hyperlink to your website visitors. If you opt for using hyperlinks, you can encode them with JavaScript (hiding even a "mailto:" tag) or simply obfuscate email address in a "mailto:" tag.


3. Integrate anti-spam protection without even touching the code. Link Disguiser allows working with multiple files, doing all coding job for you.



Who needs Link Disguiser?


1. Do you feel stressed from tons of unsolicited emails?


2. Are you afraid of publishing your e-mail address at a web-site?


3. Do you have a great deal of pages where you need to integrate anti-spam protection into?


4. Are you a Web Developer and do you want to offer your clients a website with the ultimate anti-spam protection?


5. Do you want to turn email address publishing from a spam nightmare into an effective customers communication technique?


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, chances are - it's you who needs Link Disguiser!